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     Lake Pleasant The general purpose of the Lake Pleasant-Sacandaga Association, which was founded in 1953, is to represent its members in civic and community affairs of interest to the property owners and residents of the area, to conserve and increase the scenic and natural beauties of the area and to help protect the environment, such as purity of the lake water.  This area includes the Town of Lake Pleasant and all lakes and parcels of land totally or partially within the Town of Lake Pleasant, NY.

     The objectives were much the same then as they are today, and the membership has expanded to include those off the lakes as well.  The Association can point to many years of accomplishments for the benefits of its members and the community through contribution of funds and efforts for special projects involving beautification, environmental issues, the Primary Care Center, the Library and other local causes.  The Association supports these issues and other local initiatives in accordance with its objectives and will continue to do so.


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