Membership Renewal

January is the time for all members to renew their memberships.  All members will receive a letter from Charlie Ascher, LPSA President, a renewal form to update and a return envelope.  Please update your information on the website, if possible, or mark the form that you have not updated your website profile and we will update it for you.  Return the form with your dues by January 31st.  

If you donated funds above the basic membership dues in 2012, you will also receive a receipt in that mailing.  Please watch for it for IRS purposes.

LPSA members are important, please renew your membership as soon as possible.

LPSA News JAN 27th

New Directory planned for Spring

LPSA Membership:
If you have not yet sent in your Renewal Form for membership, please update your personal information and send it in with your LPSA membership renewal dues as soon as possible.  A new Membership Directory is being prepared for publication this Spring, we don't want anyone to be missed!   Thank you.
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