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LPSA Members:  Show your support for LPSA and remind everyone on the lakes that we continue to be vigilant in protecting our lakes.  Fly the new LPSA flag from your boat, house deck or dock.

This flag was specially designed for us and we hope all of our members display one proudly.  The more we can make ourselves known, the better we can protect our lakes.

A limited quantity will be available for sale at the Spring Luncheon.  So come early and ready to purchase your flag.

 Sizes and prices vary, CLICK HERE for more information.



LPSA News JAN 27th

New Directory planned for Spring

LPSA Membership:
If you have not yet sent in your Renewal Form for membership, please update your personal information and send it in with your LPSA membership renewal dues as soon as possible.  A new Membership Directory is being prepared for publication this Spring, we don't want anyone to be missed!   Thank you.
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