LPSA sponsors LP School Outing

LPSA Sponsors Outing with Paul Smith College

On Monday, June 23rd, LPSA sponsored a day long program for grades 7, 8 and 9 from Lake Pleasant School.  The program was the first of its kind conducted by Paul Smiths College utilizing their new boat.  The children were divided into three groups with each alternating between three activities presented by Dr. Holmlund and his staff of graduate students.  One group went out on the College’s new boat to conduct studies on Lake Pleasant on such topics as water turbidity, examination of organisms found in the water, and the collection of vegetation from the bottom of the lake.  Another group worked with a presentation about how acid rain and ground pollution affects a lake.  This component was custom designed to coincide with the topic of this year’s student research projects which was acid rain.  The third component of the program was the introduction of the children to how to act as a boat steward and inspect boats, PWC’s and kayaks.  They also got the opportunity to identify various types of vegetation found in lakes and streams.  Each student received a T-shirt as a volunteer lake steward, key chain and various informational pamphlets. 

The weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time and learned many new things.  The Lake Pleasant School supplied food for a picnic lunch including barbequed hot dogs.  The people from Paul Smiths College did an excellent job and got all the kids involved.  Their dedication to this outreach program is tremendous and greatly appreciated.














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