Adirondack Lakes Alliance

Adirondack Lake Alliance recently held a meeting and it was attended by LPSA President Bill Tjielking and Vice President of Gifting, Chris Turner.  Meeting notes and a copy of a recnt letter to the DEC was emailed to all email members and both are included in the links below.



LPSA News AUG 16th

Giant Hogweed Information

The LPSA website has been updated with new information about the invasive species “giant hogweed”.   Please take a few minutes to read about this dangerous invasive species.

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Local News AUG 15th

Hamilton County Express – 08/16/2018

You can view the Hamilton County Express within the viewer (below) by using the navigation buttons across the top. If you want to view it full screen, just click on the four arrows icon, if you want to download it to your local computer, just click t...

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