Boat Inspections and Decontamination

We posted a report entitled “Boat Inspections and Decontamination”,  authored by folks form Paul Smiths, APIPP and our neighboring  Champlain Basin and Lake George Associations.  It’s a scholarly, comprehensive study within the blue line and quite lengthy. You may choose to scan it or to read through to the end. In any case, please read the executive summary and recommendations for “Next Steps” on pages 35 through 38. The urgency for action by DEC and New York State are obvious.

LPSA News MAY 22nd

LPSA Luncheon – June 24

The annual LPSA Spring Brunch Social will be held on Sunday, June 24, at Oak Mountain.  Please mail your reservation information and payment check by June 15.

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Local News MAY 23rd

Hamilton County Express – 05/24/2018

You can view the Hamilton County Express within the viewer (below) by using the navigation buttons across the top. If you want to view it full screen, just click on the four arrows icon, if you want to download it to your local computer, just click t...

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