Paul Smith's hiring stewards

PAUL SMITHS (AP) — The Adirondack Watershed Institute is hiring stewards for a new program to inspect and decontaminate boats to prevent invasive species from fouling Adirondack lakes.
Eric Holmlund of the Watershed Institute at Paul Smiths College tells the Glens Falls Post-Star that the organization will hire about 70 stewards this year. Base pay is $13.50 an hour for a 15-week seasonal job.
The college has had federal funding since 2011 for stewards throughout the Adirondack Park to educate the public about aquatic invasive species.
Starting this year, stewards will also inspect and decontaminate boats found to be carrying invasive plants like Eurasian watermilfoil.
The boat-washing equipment and staffing for the new program will be paid for by an anticipated $1 million from the state Environmental Protection Fund.

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