Adirondack Lakes Alliance Association July 28th

Dear Lake Association,

A few weeks ago you should have received information regarding the July 28th Adirondack Lakes Alliance Symposium, Lakes and Ricer Associations, Making a Difference. We know that it is easy to overlook the information that fills our mail boxes, but because we think this will be such an important day for our lake and river associations, we are taking the liberty of mailing this out again. In conversation with some of our lake and river association friends, I know that a number of boards are funding the $20.00 meal fee for their members.

Also, just a reminder that membership applications are due for 2015. If you have not already done so, we look forward to having your association become a affiliated organization with the Adirondack Lakes Alliance, Inc. ALA is committed to representing and supporting the interests of our lake and river associations as they work in protecting and preserving our Adirondack waters.

If you have any questions regarding the Symposium please feel free to contact me of go the the ALA web site at

We look forward to seeing you on July 28th.

Bryan F. Rudes
Region D Director
Adirondack Lakes Alliance

Attached files: [ALA_2015_Membership_Form(1).pdf], [ALA_Symposium_2015_Registration_Form(1).pdf], [ALA_Symposium_2015_Agenda(1).pdf],

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