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Chazen Associates Selected to Implement Revitalization Grant

By Bob Camoin


Earlier this year, a selection committee led by Lake Pleasant Supervisor, Neil McGovern, was established to review the various company proposals for implementing the grant pursued through the Revitalization efforts. Members of the committee were Letty Rudes - Speculator Mayor, Lynne Brown - Garden Club leader, Bill Thielking - LPSA Vice-President and Cheryl Paestella - Revitalization Chairperson & Village Trustee. The Chazen Companies of Glens Falls was selected.


This selection moves forward the grant pursued by the Community Revitalization Committee. The grant covers the community’s water quality activity, the focus on improving the waterfront areas and an Economic Revitalization Program for the area.  One of the key outputs of the grant work is to provide a detailed future view of the community – its landscape and business outlook.  The grant application occurred as part of the committee’s efforts to put in place an area-wide community plan.  Initial efforts of the committee have resulted in the Osborne Point Park Renovation, replacement of the area benches and an area wide Gardening action, all of which is making our area a more attractive place for all – visitors, residents and businesses.


Over the next several weeks, Chazen Companies with members of the Revitalization Committee will be scheduling a set of meetings with the entire community including specific discussions with business members of the community.  The purpose is to better understand the area’s needs and develop a revitalization strategy for the community.  In these coming weeks, the Committee will be examining a wide variety of issues and opportunities and ways to address them.


Chazen Companies will be shortly setting up a website, , specifically for keeping everyone informed on what is going on. Links to this will be established from the various area web sites:  the Chamber of Commerce, LPSA, the Town and any other organizations that are interested.




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