Lake Pleasant Water Quality


Last summer we completed our third annual
water quality testing of Lake Pleasant through the
DEC Citizens’ Statewide Lake Assessment Program
(CSLAP). In this program LPSA volunteers sample
the lake biweekly from early June to September and
send the samples for analysis at a state-certified lab.
The cost to us for this program is $470 with the
state subsidy. Without the subsidy, it would cost us
nearly $3,000.
The data show that LP is a healthy lake, with
low levels of nutrients that produce harmful algae,
good water clarity, neutral acidity, and no other red
flags we should be concerned with. The report
states that, “Lake Pleasant has higher water clarity
and lower nutrient and algal levels than typical east-
ern Adk lakes.

We will continue this program this summer,
but switch lakes to Sacandaga. The state has given us
permission to sample our 2 lakes on alternate 3 yr
periods, which is fortunate for us, since the
program samples about 120 lakes each year
and there is always a long waiting list.

Select link below for the full report.

Attached files: [cslrpt16lpleasanth.pdf],

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