No new invasive species found in Adirondack lakes in 2017

The Adirondack Lakes Alliance reports that the Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP) found no new aquatic invasive species in Adirondack lakes in 2017. This is first time that has happened in over ten years. Adirondack Lakes Alliance shares this good news with all of the lake and river associations in the Adirondacks to let everyone know that continuing efforts to protect our waters is indeed making a difference. The thousands of hours committed yearly by our lake and river volunteers in protecting Adirondack waters through stewardship, monitoring efforts and successful lake management plans is helping to ensure that Adirondack lakes and rivers are clean and safe for all to enjoy. LPSA and the many local volunteers are an important contributor to this very successful collaborative effort. See the attached news release for additional details.  

Attached files: [ALA_reports_no_new_AIS_in_20171.pdf],

LPSA News MAR 16th

Job Opportunities for Lake Stewards

The Adirondack Watershed Institute (AWI) is now accepting applications for the 2018 summer season. Job opportunities include positions on the Watershed Stewardship Team.

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